AOP System Overview

AOP is a proprietary system which utilises advanced electro-osmotic technology specifically designed to dry out subterranean capillary structures, such as concrete and brick, and maintain them in a permanently dry state. AOP can either be retro fitted or specifically incorporated into new buildings and structures to prevent the ingress of water and moisture. MPS is ideally suited to drying out basements and tunnels that already suffer from a chronic water seepage problem.

AOP is evolutionary technology based on long established principles of electro-osmosis and works through administering a series of low voltage pulsating charges. Other methods of addressing water seepage in use in the building industry today can be characterised as temporary solutions to a problem for which there has previously been no convenient, economic and permanent solution.

Concrete and brick masonry structures consist of a mass containing capillary formations. Water may penetrate structures in a multitude of ways, the simplest form of which is as a result of gravity. Water can also penetrate structures through capillary synthesis, very much in the same way as plants and trees receive and distribute water to smaller branches.

AOP is utilised for transporting water encapsulated within the capillaries out of structures, as well as permanently preventing the penetration of water into structures.

AOP is a highly advanced form of electro-osmotic technology, which has been developed over many years of testing and which utilises a complex and variable multiplicity of pulses to achieve and maintain dryness at desired levels.


The anodes consist of pure titanium wire to prevent corrosion of the anodes. The cathodes are regular copper clad ground spears. The control unit consists of a power supply and main controller board connected to a rectifier output stage. This output is connected to a junction box where the anode signal is distributed to the required number of anode lines. Feeder wires will bring the signals from the junction box to the anode lines. AOP is rated as extra low voltage at 24V DC peak to peak and is touchsafe.

Both Anodes and Cathodes are buried in the concrete or in the soil and out of reach.

AOP Benefits

There are numerous benefits to be derived from AOP compared with the more traditional barrier and penetrative coatings.

  • AOP provides a permanent solution to waterproofing suitable structures.

  • AOP can be retro-fitted to existing buildings and structures.

  • AOP is both cost effective and comparatively simple to install.

  • AOP is flexible and can be installed from the exposed inside of a structure, negating the need for expensive exterior excavation work.

  • AOP is a safe, low voltage system with minimal running costs requiring, on average, approximately 50 Watts of power for a 1,000m2 treated area.

  • AOP is environmentally friendly with no harmful emissions or waste.

  • AOP is safe to use and has no damaging side effects and will not alter its material composition.

  • AOP reduces the relative humidity in areas where it is installed, reducing corrosion of exposed mechanical equipment and other fixtures.

  • AOP reduces corrosion of steel reinforcement within a structure.

  • AOP prevents peeling paint, mould, mildew and foul smells.

  • AOP enhances the bonding properties between old and new concrete, an important consideration in the renovation of deteriorated (cracked) concrete.

  • AOP greatly improves a structure’s insulation, reducing cooling and heating loads due to saturation.

  • AOP reduces or eliminates the need for drained cavities in dry-wall construction resulting in greater space utilisation and reduced construction costs.

  • AOP enhances mechanical crack remedial measures.

  • AOP has potential to reduce the required thickness of diaphragm walls to a structural minimum providing cost savings for new projects.


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