House Rewire Kits​

To simplify the process of rewiring your house, apartment or office, we have prepared a list of materials that your electrician or contractor will require complete with a single price to ensure your property is British Standard 18th Edition compliant and supplied at a price that is unbeatable.

Each kit is different, we start with a one bedroom kit and as you would expect it grows incrementally as the number of rooms or offices increase. As a typical example, a one bed apartment would start with an 8 way distribution board populated with the latest RCBOs and RCD's throughout the property there may be 14 twin sockets 4 lighting switches 20 spot lights with perhaps dimmer switches all LED of course. A hob, oven water heater and perhaps a doorbell. There will be a requirement for 1.5, 2.5 and 6mm twin and earth cable and as we only supply LSH cable you know it is the highest quality. In fact all materials supplied are British Standard.

The basic kit comes with white smooth edge switches and sockets, but should you choose to upgrade to perhaps brushed steel or brass finish each kit comes with variations on the contents to allow for personal taste and budget.

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