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Our involvement in Green technologies also extends to LED Lighting, that over the past 9 years we have been involved in some of Gibraltars largest and most innovative projects. In 2012 we were fortunate enough to be a part of the Ocean Views Medical project which, in conjunction with Delmatic we were the first project in the world to use the lighting management system in a project of this size and complexity. 


PCLGIB is proud to be at the forefront of green technologies with the protection of new and historic buildings, LED lighting and power management we continue to specialise in the design and supply of LED products ranging from off the shelf lighting to complete bespoke installations.

In addition to our lighting expertise, we are wholesalers of electrical materials all of which are British Standard


Our focus is to be at the forefront of technology and to find green technologies to compliment our  business. We take great pride in our expertise; our manufacturing partners are amongst the best in the world. In addition to lighting we are the Gibraltar distributor for delmatic™ lighting management systems, and Electric wiring accessories, ensuring PCL will remain as one of Gibraltar’s foremost industrial and commercial LED lighting supplier.

Vineyards enlightened to green ways

Vineyards Estate have led the way to a greener estate with the introduction of L.E.D energy saving light bulbs in its street lights.

The decision to change to LED lights came from resident Mr Philip Ward, in a bid to help save Vineyards’ residents money on electricity and also the environment which is something he feels we all should be aware of. He suggested the use of these lights to the management committee at the March meeting earlier this year and it was held that suppliers would be sourced.

Sourcing the bulbs and expertise from Mr Ian Dallas at PCL Gibraltar, Vineyards received an estimate to carry out the transfer of bulbs, at a cost which will be recuperated in 9 months by way of reduced electricity bills.

Mr Dallas also calculated for the estate that it will save in monetary terms approximately 65% of its existing electrical costs while also reducing the carbon footprint of the estate. The lights are instantaneous and do not require warm up time and each bulb has a 50,000 hour guarantee.

Speaking on the cost of becoming environmentally friendly Mr Ward said; “The cost of the LED lamps was surprisingly cheap, when we first enquired about it, we were under the impression that the replacement cost would be prohibitively expensive but it’s not, the cost is just slightly higher than a normal bulb.”

Adding; “Vineyards are very proud that we are the first in Gibraltar to go green, we have asked Ian from PCL to evaluate changing all our common area lighting to LED over time which will have a very significant impact on our running costs.” (Gibraltar Chronicle Monday 25th June 2012)

Power to the pocket  by Eyleen Sheil

Over a period of six months the Vineyard Estate has saved £2,431 on their electricity bill following the introduction of L.E.D energy saving light bulbs in its street lights last June.

The electrical cost for the period June 2012 to December 2012 was £427, compared to electrical bills totalling £2,858 for the same period in 2011.

The savings of 85% has come as a nice surprise to resident and organiser of the L.E.D. lighting project Philip Ward, as initially the calculations predicted a saving of approximately 65%.

Mr Ward also said that the bulbs come with a five year guarantee and despite there being electrical surges in the past eight months not one bulb has blown.

Ian Dallas and his team at PCL Gibraltar worked with Mr Ward and the management committee of Vineyards with regards the installation of the bulbs and the planning that it required.

The pairing was so successful that Vineyards in the latter part of 2012 also has had PCL fit in the communal areas dual purpose motion detector L.E.D lights, which also work as emergency lighting into one of the estates blocks Bellevue.

The project cost £4,500 due to all light fittings needing to be changed, and there are no statistics on the savings at present. However, given the fact that the previous lighting was on permanently, the motion detection should reduce the cost significantly as well as the use of L.E.D bulbs.

The remaining five blocks in the estate will also see its communal area lighting change, with the work on the first block potentially starting at the end of summer, due to scaffolding currently around the blocks while they are being painted and the Government installs cavity insulation. (Gibraltar Chronicle Tuesday 19th February 2013)


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