Residential Kit Studio / 1 Bed

Kit 1W Price £226.71 Excluding consumer unit and Accessories

Consumer unit 8 way 

Main switch 80A

RCBO 6 X (X) A 


2.5 Twin and Earth LSF Cable 100 meters 


1.5 Twin and Earth LSF Cable 100 meters 

6mm Twin and Earth cable 15 meters


2 gang Back Boxes flush 35mm 8 Pieces


1 gang Back Boxes Flush 25mm 3 Pieces

2 gang Selectric switch sockets Smooth edge white finish 8 pieces 

1 gang 13 amp water heater switched fuse and neon 1 Piece

1 gang flex outlet connection unit for hob and oven 1 Piece

Cooker switch with Back box 1Piece


1 gang Selectric 10a 1 way switches 1 piece

1 gang Selectric 20a 2 way switches 3 pieces 



Cable clips Inc

Wall plugs Inc


Earth sleeving Inc


Electrical tape   Inc

Connector block Inc


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